Sitting @ Secret Recipe…

waiting for the boyfriend to come, wanting to do some work. Instead I get online and I start blogging. Whooops.

20% of Practicum down, 80% more to go – woohooo!

In the meantime, IceAge 3D waiting for us at 4ish pm, plus dinner with his friends in the evening. I’m wearing one of the dresses I bought yesterday with the girls. Hurhur.

Windows 7 is really good, did I mention? I’m on Windows 7 RC now and I can’t wait for its launch in coming October!!

Have been in the mood for jazz lately, especially instrumental jazz. It helps soothe the mind so much, especially after a long day at work, and a long week (this week was effectively just 4 days, but still!!).

This entry is so random, and rambling. I should stop doing posts like this – they make no sense. And I really want to get my JH13 Pro – only if I can reward myself after T3. :D


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