Sunday morning

seated at the library, with instrumental smooth jazz playing through my Atrios – shiok.

Working on lesson plans – not so shiok.

But given that I’m doing work at the library, it evens out the moodlets:

  1. Doing lesson planning (work) on Sunday morning = ( – 40 mood)
  2. Nice environment (the library) = 20 mood
  3. Nice instrumental jazz with wonderful earphones = 30 mood
  4. Looking forward to seeing loved one (boyfriend) = 50 mood

Hence I’m feeling not bad! Hurhur. I spy this couple who came in at the same time as I did, at 10am and they brought books and newspapers with them. They took the nice big squarish seats right next to the huge window panes that look out to the outside world, and they are simply just reading their newspapers with cups of coffee and breakfast on the table. I’m envious. If I had the luxury of time with my boyfriend, I would give anything in the world to do something like that on a lazy Sunday morning.

I super like, can. HAHAHHA. Can’t wait for the boyfriend to come down and accompany me do my work. I shall aim to do as much as I can. I’m usually more efficient when I don’t do work at home.

And and and I really really really adore Windows 7! I think I really might get it when it comes out in October! The more I use it on my Protege, the more impressed I am!


One thought on “Sunday morning

  1. bubblised says:

    whee! Pre-booked tickets for next week’s potter = 40mood!

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