Feeling silly.

I brought my Protege out yesterday to attempt to do work, only to realise that I didn’t have wireless at Raffles City – a little odd, considering I thought the Wireless@Sg coverage should definitely cover that.

I brought my Protege out today to JP Starbucks to try and do the same thing – only to realise I didn’t have wireless again. I started suspecting that Windows 7 might have tampered with my network drivers and adaptors – so I tried to disable and enable them again.

Then I had a nagging suspicion that something was really not quite right. Slowly, I looked over at my wireless switch on the side of the Protege.

The switch was on the off side. My wireless was not switched on. -.-

I feel like a silly idiot. :(:(


One thought on “Feeling silly.

  1. bubblised says:

    does it help that i did the same stupid thing in the office? ><

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