That’s what I’m trying to tell myself each day of the week, as the week goes along. Actually when you’re in school en site doing work, the days pass pretty quickly. Like take today – it’s already Tuesday and Wednesday comes tomorrow!

After tomorrow, we will be in the later half of the week and then soon, the weekend will come! But first of course, SingDollar on Thursday – the preview show wooohooo! But first, before SingDollar on Thursday, I have something that is way more important tomorrow. Gulps.

We will all survive it – after all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, you just get tortured in the process. Winks.

Got home early from school because Dad picked me up to drop me off at NIE for a quick drop off of my MC (yes I was sick.) and back home. With that I watched one episode of She’s got the Look, and finished up Potter Book 7 – hence I can safely say I haven’t done any work for today after I got home. Managed to do some work in school, but it was just one lesson plan and some marking. I have tons of marking to do – and I’ve been lugging them all around everywhere, in hope that I’d get to it someday.

Am looking forward to escaping from school early on Thursday so that I can lounge somewhere in town and mark peacefully. (: The later half of the week is always a better half for me, Monday and Wednesday is the all out three periods straight 2 hrs and 15 mins straight of teaching. Am still trying to get the hang of things, though this is already Week 4. Soon it will be Week 5 and we’ll be half way through!

Which means our fellow 5 week counterparts will take their leave. Will miss their company, that’s for sure. Eeeps.

I love reading Potter books – Book 7 made me laugh out loud towards the end. Am tempted to re-read the rest in the series but I’ve got library books too. Hums.


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