Nobody – Wonder Girls

Apparently this song has taken the music scene by storm, and I was probably one of the last few to find out about it, despite BX’s insistence that he hears it everywhere (but I don’t!) and nobody else around me seems to have heard about it.

And what makes this funnier, is another version that a friend shared on Facebook.

This is the original version by Wonder Girls – they even have an English version, by the very same group.

And then, we have this – holy cow!

This vaguely reminds me of mass dance in RGS, when we all danced together, in huge synchronised manners. And the mass dance drilling – roo, no? :P

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5 thoughts on “Nobody – Wonder Girls

  1. hui ru says:

    rah. i didn’t look at the videos. BUT. there is no more nice food in rg. sadness.

  2. TeE says:

    wols… i knew it since march can. Haha.

  3. hui ru says:

    WAIT. this is the nobody nobody but you song is it? i have heard it around, muzak, i think. plus, when i made some of the pple in one of my classes do a forfeit.. they danced to that. while the rest of the class sang. that was damn cute.

  4. ling says:

    omg are those guys?

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