Happy 6 months, happy birthday my darling (:

Dozo was magical. The food was so goood, the boyf could not stop smiling. The service was first class, and they were attentive but not in your face. They even brought out a small slice of cheesecake for the boyf’s birthday celebration, which they only found out through asking about 1 hour into the fine dining service.

For the price we paid, it was all worth the money. (:

Plus, we managed to take the magnum bus today – so that meant a free magnum for each of us – ecuador dark for him, and Magnum’s new flavour golden hazelnut for me. And we finished the night off with magaritas from Cafe Iguana at Clarke Quay. Heaves a contented sigh. (:

Today was easily one of the best days I’ve ever had – awesome gastronomical food, lovely company, slow and nice and easy. (:

Happy six months, happy birthday my love.
I love you. (:

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3 thoughts on “Happy 6 months, happy birthday my darling (:

  1. bx says:

    thank you dear! =) it truly was marvelous!!!

  2. hui ru says:

    you know. the most important bit in that post for me was. MAGNUM BUS?! THERES A MAGNUM BUS? WHAT BUS!

  3. ru0|in9 says:

    bliss! :)

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