End of Week 9

and the start of another semi-long weekend.

I haven’t had the chance for a looooooooooong while to come back home, sit down and rest withut having to worry about work – though I know I still have marking to do. Blearghs. But, that is not on my mind tonight.

It has also been a while since I was home on a Friday night, and it actually feels damn good to be home. For once I don’t have to lounge in the middle of town awaiting people to be free so that I can meet them for dinner amidst the crazy crowds on a Friday weekend night.

I got home today after the staff contact time, read on the bus and focused on my music. Thought about the IEMs that I’ve been checking out, whether to take the custom route (I’ve thrown the JH13Pro out of the mind) or to get a top notch universal IEM like the UM3X or a TF10Pro (the one that Jim has) and reshell the top notch IEM. I suspect the universal+reshelling will be slightly cheaper than the ES3X. But I’d run the risk of losing the warranty if I reshell. Plus I’m more inclined towards the TF10Pro – but it has comfort issues, though the crisp layering of music is oh-so-swoonful.

Shucks. Not that I have the bucks for it now, am stretched a little tight for this month, so if I were to purchase anything, it’d probably be next month.

The birthday celebrations for the month of August broke my wallet. Eeeps.

Helped my mum prep for dinner just now, and I actually found the entire prep process a de-stressing one. It’s like doing mindless activities, where you can just zone out and focus on cutting the prawns, chopping the onions (I didn’t cry!) and get the ingredients ready for dinner!

Plus I’ve told myself that I’m not going to look at the mountain of marking I brought home – I’d leave that to tomorrow. I’ve got a nice night lined up for myself, some facial pampering (which is long overdue), some good tv (catching up on Top Chef and Hannah Montana), chilling out to my not-so-new Bossa CD with a book in bed, snuggled against Floppie, who suffered a night on the floor because I kicked him off the bed.


I was totally checking out HTC Hero today in the office, together with my other colleagues. We were just goofing around in the workroom, it was hilarious, I swear. Love the guys to bits, they are just simply so much fun. If only we had the company of the TP1 people back too – then at least I’d have more female support! Hopefully they’d come back and join us in school again next year for their TP2 – we’d really have so much fun. I’m imagining, trips up to JB! Sounds like loads of fun.

And it has indeed, been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and ramble like this. More often than not, for the past few weeks, when I sit down in front of the computer, I never had the peace of mind to blog, unlike now. (:

Me likey. Hurhur. (Too much Hannah influence.)


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