I’m such a TV addict. I’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the US fall season, and it has started since last week – oooh I swoon at the release of the new seasons. Simply yummilicious!

I said I wanted to do my personal reflections right, I didn’t.

So I managed to catch Survivor today and it was awfully shiok – there’s this Evil Russel (ER for short) and he is downright creepy, scary. C’mon, he emptied his tribe’s water canteens and burnt their socks. Seriously? I don’t want him around! Coach was already such a turn off last season, what made CBS think the audience is willing to watch another psychopath on the show? Yeurgh.

Glee is another awesome show choir show, that musical lovers should not miss! Really! Plus BBC Merlin is coming back – or rather, its back.



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