@ the moon.

Nay it’s not the dogs – it’s the dueling piano bar @Orchard Emerald!

Popped by Howl with BX & his friends for drinks after dinner this evening, and it was ladies night with free flow bubbly! Aweeesome. Perhaps when RL comes back, the girls could hit Howl on a Wednesday. The 5 of us were pretty amused at some of the things we saw tonight @howl. Hurhur.

Tonight’s impromptu dinner was pretty awesome, I’d say. Met BX’s friends for dinner, and we had a really good time talking. I felt at ease and comfortable, which was really nice. (: Though the Coffee Club @Wheelock had a rather odd menu. Am craving for TCC food! Teehee.

I should be sleeping, but I just felt like blogging for abit. Though I don’t have much in the head and am actually feeling kinda sleepy.

Right, I should sleep then.


One thought on “HOOOOOWL

  1. Eileen says:

    Hey babe, S33 is meeting tomorrow at Orchard Ion at 8pm tomorrow. Those whom I know are going are, Venus, Lixin, JinYang, Elsa, Sijia, Me ( not sure if Wilbur and WeiChong are coming). RL is not in Singapore at the moment right. Will you be available to come? Hope to see you soon, we haven’t met in ages! Sent me a txt to confirm your attendance k.

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