Reflective, or not.

I know this blog hasn’t seen quality posts of late, but truth be told – I’ve been contemplating about things, various events that happen in life and their impact/consequences on how I lead my life and choose my social circles.

Have been thinking, but have not been penning them down.

I want to pen them down, in black and white on the virtual world. It helps me to clear the thoughts, and help make the thought process as clear as day. Will have to find the mood and energy to sit down and think, properly.

The energy for tonight to write, has been used to blog a last minute submission on the blogosphere relating to my best lesson on our QCE521 class blog. Not much energy left, only enough to say the following: Peanutto is back, and Junhui is coming back next Tuesday! Some people must be wondering why I’ve been counting down to the arrival of Jun – I can’t help it, it’s the first time in 2 years she’s stepping onto Singapore soil. And ever since she got herself an angmoh boyfriend :P Kidding, we all love Mark, and his drinks treat when he comes to SG for a visit in Dec!

In the mean time, the bed beckons.

Edit: Oh I succumbed and bought The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown, after a hefty discount of 11bucks (courtesy of the remmants of BX’s gift card), making it a final price of $28. Much loves to the boyf for his $11 sacrifice! Teehee. Now, I wonder when I would succumb and buy Men in White.


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