Can you decipher this?

Was surfing around in the HWZ forums when I came upon this statement.

moi ish dunch huans to uplorry sho soon

At first glance, my brain could not register its meaning, so I read it again (I took a double take). I still didn’t manage to figure out what this statement was trying to say. The context of this particular forum thread stems from the 2nd earthquake we felt this morning at approximately 10-ish.

So, what is this sentence all about?! If I were to unpack it and decipher this sentence bit by bit, I think this is what he/she meant:

moi ish dunch huans to uplorry sho soon” = “my is don’t want to up lorry so soon

Which still doesn’t quite make sense, but it makes a hell lot more sense than its previous statement. This can be better rephrased with the following:

my is don’t want to up lorry so soon” = “I don’t want to die so soon”

In terms of summary writing and understanding of the English language, the last sentence makes so much more sense, is more succinct and simple. The phrase “moi ish” can be simply replaced by the word “I”! I never knew “huans” = “want” though – that really took quite abit of effort to decipher.

What is happening to net lingo in Singapore? If outsiders don’t understand our spoken Singlish, fine – we attribute to Singlish being the representative language of our country, a secret language that outsiders won’t understand. Are we trying to define ourselves on the World Wide Web where there are no country boundaries to speak of in the first place? I honestly don’t think any outsider would be able to understand that sentence – even as a Singaporean I had trouble figuring it out.

Go figure, Singlish netizens. I feel sad for you.


3 thoughts on “Can you decipher this?

  1. ansonseow says:

    i think. it technically just meant ” he doesnt want to die so soon” uplorry – spoil/die? yea u get the hint :>

  2. ansonseow says:

    random clicking. :D enjoy reading people’s blogs for fun.

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