Insane week

but I like.

Monday didn’t go quite well all thanks to Monday blues and insane intensive hours on meetings and classes. Tuesday is looking slightly better because there’s dinner with the boyf (ooh happy 8 months! lovesloves) and I’m feeling productive. Over the top productive actually, I’m lugging my books all around everywhere and I’m happily curled up on a red cushion seat at JRL drinking a mocha latte bought using my prepaid card since eons ago and marking out important items for social context, preparing myself for tomorrow’s crazy (probably long) meeting since presentation is next week.

I need to remember my social events – I need to remember to call up Firestation to check if Kewei is performing, and I need to make reservations at Ichiban Centrepoint for 6 of us.

Oops, the mind drifted off abit for a while. I’m happily busy, contented with life now. I like what I’m doing and I’m happy doing it. Though I’ve been contemplating about the future for quite a bit recently, potential career moves and simply put, the future. Everything is very up-in-the-air-ish, but I know I’d like to leave the country for a while, to see the world, and perhaps if possible, to work outside of Singapore.

Though if you must know, I’ll be here till at least 2012, all thanks to the 3 year bond.In any case, nothing is firmed up until I can see the future more clearly.

Right now, the clearest thing I can envision in my future is a checklist of all the things I need to complete, in order to rest well for the weekend. That’s if I don’t get too carried away trying to work and play too hard. ;)

Can’t wait for the boyf to come find me at JRL!


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