I should be doing…

my work but I end up doing almost everything else but – the work.

I should be working on any of the following:

  1. Social Context Week 5 essay – current word count: 408 / 900 [edit @ 11.31pm]
  2. EL Individual essay – current word count: 0 / 1500
  3. Actg Carnival Emcee speech – nadah zilch nothing.

The only thing accomplished today was the video edit I should have finished by the weekend for tomorrow’s Social Context student led tutorial. Watch us crash and burn tomorrow woohoooo. I should really be doing work but my fingers feel as though they need some engine oil to warm up before I can work up the energy to throw smoke bombs for Item 1. The weather recently has been really crazily warm, it’s the 3rd night I’m switching on the air-conditioning, and it’s also the 3rd night Flappie (my pet Betta) is sleeping in an air-conditioned room.

Seriously, nobody understood what I was saying when I said Flappie the Betta says hi, or was there just a general disinterest and lack of response? I wonder. The boyf has a blue betta that is named Flappie2, for the lack of creativity I know. It is peaceful watching Flappie swim around in his generally small tank (~2L) and shed his feces in that tiny tank. For a small little flamboyant fish, he sure shits a lot.

I am under the understanding that Bettas are pretty hardy fish, so I hope Flappie doesn’t die under my watch (knocks wood furiously). The boyf refused to let me get a $10 Betta (Flappie only cost $5) because he’s worried that something might happen to Flappie. Shucks he doesn’t have confidence in me! Perhaps, when I get used to the regime of rearing pet, I can find suitable buddies to join Flappie. And maybe by then, get a bigger tank to house all of them.

I feel like a pig because I keep sleeping.

How I’d wish I didn’t procrastinate so much. I shall get back to Item 1.

//edit @ 11:31 – the momentum of working of Item 1 was lost after the various phone calls that came in – urgh. I shall go dawdle abit more, stare at Flappie for abit more before I go sleep. Good night world. :)


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