Mad tired.

Thank goodness the carnival is OVER – with the capitalised letters. Am mad tired, mad aching. Stank like mad after the entire carnival, climbed up and down the stairs today to double as photographer and emcee, when some others happily just stayed at their own station (snarkily unpleased).

It doesn’t matter anymore, it’s over, I just need to focus on the EL individual assignment, and my Social context essay (still half done!!) and 3/4 of the battle will be over! Not that it has been much of a battle anyways. The real battle starts next year, which is looming just around the corner. Scary, but promising.

I’m dead tired, but I’m looking forward to dinner date with the boyf. (: Missed him plenty this week, the last time I saw him was Tuesday, which was actually not that long ago, but all I want now is for him to lift me off the ground and pamper me like a little princess because I am dead tired. The soles of my feet are aching and I have the tendency to not move once I sink myself into a seat.

I’ve never been much of a stoner, but I actually enjoy sitting in a corner and stoning into the distance today. It happened especially often when three of us went off for a late lunch, and we were just so crazily tired, we were happy to just sit and stone. The silence was extremely welcomed.

The carnival was uneventful, and I must say, I’m glad it went well and nothing big happened.

Enough rambling, I want to stone and watch some teevee before I leave the house for my dinner date tonight! Teehee.


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