Had a sudden urge and craving to buy CDs, so I splurged out on 3CDs yesterday!

I’ve been looking for the full MIKA album for a while, but the price is a little off putting. Managed to get 3CDs for the price of $49.90 – Buble’s Crazy Love, Olstead’s skylark and High Society’s The Ten Tenors.

Totally awesome, I think I might have bored the boyfriend to tears when I was excitedly listening to the various High Society albums at Raffles City yesterday. Oops. Teehee.

Right off to do more work! Assignments due on Tuesday, and then after that we’re almost done – just one more presentation, one more individual report and one more group report left!

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2 thoughts on “Albums

  1. freakedoutx says:

    ahhhh. i only have two nights out for my 8 week course. And out of the two one of them i have to do duty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

    • na says:

      Shucks. I wanted to ask you when would you be free.. Anyhoo, I just realised I forgot to reply your ES7 sms – yea I think it’s a damn good buy for its price range and you bass head shld love it. Remember to audition it before buying yea? :)

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