Being Emo = interesting blog entries?

This morning, I read an acquaintance’s blog. She said, she wished she was more emo, then she would write more interesting blog entries. Then, as an afterthought, she said nah she’s happy like this.

I’ve been feeling this way for a really long while.

If you hadn’t notice, I haven’t been doing serious blogging much, and even when I blog, very often it’s mundane, and really boring. I find my own writing boring, what more readers? Truth it, there’s nothing emo to talk about, and I’m best at emo writing, what with writing in incomprehensible chinese fake-poetry, or some cryptic words that do not make sense to anyone else but me.

However, like my acquaintance said, I’m happy like this. (:

I take small little joys in being able to want to sit alone at a cafe, poring over my laptop with a drink in hand and books strewn all over the table (like now as I await my class to start at 130 and chilling at Starbucks while waiting), going to the bank to deposit $14 into the CSC account because the CDM doesn’t take $2 notes (I didn’t know that until last night!), and listening to the awesome music coming out from my portable rig of the iPod and the Tf10s.

I take bigger joys in being able to meet loved ones for meals and movies and whatnots, with meeting the boyf for a home movie and dinner on friday, and Peanutto for A Spy for A Spy coming Saturday (Peanutto chan, if you’re reading this, rest well and drinks lots water!).

I take small little joys in watching the world go by, and stop thinking that the world hates me because I know it doesn’t. Very often, it feels as though nothing is going right; but little do we know, once you hit the end, the only way out is up.

Being happy is not an emotion, it’s a way of life that many of us neglect. It might seem as though nothing is happening in your life and everything seems really just mundane and normal, deep within you know yourself if you’re happy, or not. I love smiling at service staff, only to have them smile back at me because their customer (I), brightens their day by approaching them with a smile. They feel happy serving me, and both of us feel happy after the service.

I know I’m happy, how about you?

If being happy causes me to lose the knack of writing interesting blog entries, so be it. I’ll just have to bore everyone with my peacefully mundane happy life. (:


6 thoughts on “Being Emo = interesting blog entries?

  1. bubbles says:

    I agree! And I am totally looking forward to spying! :D I spy with my little eye, something blue!

  2. Rikki-tikki says:

    Now, is a “Happily Interesting” blog entry possible??

  3. TeE says:

    Tee Kian Hin likes this entry. *thumbs up*

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