is a nice snuggly lazy day.

Loved the heavy rain today, because I’m secure in my home, and napped the afternoon away. Okay, I wasn’t that bad of a pig, I napped the later half of the afternoon away.

A new day did bring new developments to the day, and today was indeed a much better day, a much clearer day for me, for us. If nothing goes wrong, and things remain as how it is now, we shld be settled tomorrow!

Cryptic – yes. I don’t want to jinx it. Told Peanut about it so far, I’ll announce it when I firm it up tomorrow. :)

In the meantime, the nice snuggly weather makes me want to crawl back into bed, but I really need to start doing research for the meritocracy essay. I should be doing readings, and research. But I’m just feeling oh so sleepy. Yawns.

Floppie with Balloon!

Awesomely adorable, don't you think?


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