To comprehend friendships…

After so many days, I still don’t get it. The more I think about it, other thoughts start popping up. More friends started popping up.

Friendship thoughts.
I miss my best friend/s.


4 thoughts on “To comprehend friendships…

  1. TeE says:

    So what do you not comprehend? =)

    • na says:

      Plenty of stuffs, none that actually make much sense sometimes, but things you think about when you realise close friends seem to have slipped you by. One moment you were close, the next moment, you don’t seem to exist.

      The complexities of friendships, that nobody will ever be able to unravel.

      Of course, something must have happened in order for me to ponder the complexities of it, but not too convenient to blog about – though I wonder if said people still read this blog.

  2. hui ru says:

    what happened dear

    • na says:

      Long story, tell you when I see you online.

      But that last sentence applies to you darling. Missing you lots! Send me postcards! :P

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