Grey skies in the sky..

me likey. (:

Perfect day to just snuggle in bed and sleep the worries away, when the original plan was supposed to be at ToaPayoh, SSA now, to sort out the matters required before next week’s SWC. Class ended late, hence there wasn’t any point in heading all the way to TP when I would probably just end up spending 1-2 hours before heading home for dinner.

I really really like this weather, nice and comfortable. (:

Th impulsive shopper in me bought a top from LRH, and mobile broadband subscription from MobileOne. The M1BB plan that I took was not expensive at all, a mere $19+ every month for the 2mbps plan – the boyfriend felt so tempted that he almost got one himself too. The top from LRH looks really pretty, its a brightly coloured toga – I just hope it fits.

I should be doing work, but evidently I’m not. And after going to Body Worlds yesterday with the boyf, some thoughts have been plaguing me, and I’m still trying to make sense out of those thoughts. A little insight into these thoughts – I have no idea what I truly love to do, and I don’t know what subjects truly interest me. Go figure.

Perhaps I’ll share my thoughts when they make sense to me.

In this weather, only one thing makes sense to me – my bed. And, a book.

Picture obtained from One Love Photo

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