Bus rides.

Bus rides always make me think, I’ve pretty much know that by now. I was travelling from the far west side of Singapore this afternoon, to the central part of Singapore where I sit and await the arrival of the girls.

Now I’m wondering how much beans should I spill on this open space. It took me a while to admit it to myself, and to blurt it out as a casual statement last night over dinner with the boyf – to which we didn’t say much because I had no idea how to continue down the conversation because it’s kind of a conversation starter, and stopper – which you probably won’t understand because you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about.

How fun is that, you’d be wondering.

One thing I do know, is that I desperately need to get started on my 2,500 word essay – which all of us decided to make use of the extended one week our tutor decided to kindly give us. He’s hilarious, I must admit, despite all his extremist remarks – I love the one where he insists that a certain group of individuals in our Singaporean society doesn’t pay taxes, to which some of my classmates tried to ascertain the accuracy.

On a lighter note, I’m glad I got to clarify some matters of the friendship with a certain friend and I’m really glad for the short but significant chat that we had this morning (:

I officially have no more lessons, but I am starting to have workshops organised by the ministry before we officially enter the holidays (wheee holidays!) and then, scarily – the school proper.

I think I need to find somebody to have a heart to heart with – I have too many inane thoughts within me that I’ve been thinking about, but unable to verbalise onto the open space. I miss my besties!! I’m seeing the girls later, maybe later.. Mmms.

Oh, speaking of which – I got my Google wave invite from the Google team – talk about finally!


2 thoughts on “Bus rides.

  1. Tok says:


  2. hui ru says:

    ME ME what’s google wave puzzled

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