Embracing the Internet.

I’m blogging on my laptop as 187 moves from Woodlands to Boon Lay, on my not-that-new broadband device. The thing about having a really light and portable laptop, is that the screen is really thin and flimsy. My screen is flapping as the bus moves up and down, across bumps and humps on the road.

I tweeted this morning and a friend thought my meeting ended earlier than expected in school – he commented on FB about it. But I was nowhere near a computer ( my laptop and dongle were not out in action) – I used my G1. So it then made me realise, I’m truly connected to the Internet at any one time (be it through laptop, when I’m on the move and even through my handphone) – I’m so reliant on it! The internet holds alot of information for me, be it educational or personal, my entertainment and readings are heavily acquired from online resources, and I wonder – what would the world be like if you were to remove the Internet from everybody’s lives?

Not pretending that the Internet never once existed, but removing the Internet now when everyone is so accustomed to it.

We can do so many things online, reading the news, getting in touch with friends, watching videos and even shopping. In the past we had to use several tools and go to different places to do all of the above mentioned. Don’t you wonder, if the Internet was removed from our lives, if we would be at a loss on how to do the above? Perhaps not the shopping for girls – but I’d be stuck on trying to purchase my ickle&Lardee pictorial book from the States! We won’t be able to discover plenty of new information (be it random or educational), and do many other things as well.

Having said that, we all definitely need some time off from the internet to smell the roses (literally!) and stay in touch with the real world outside and enjoying nature as it is, instead of being glued to the computer screen and Internet all the time.

So I need to unglue my fingers from the keyboard, stop forwarding important emails to the secretariat room and remove all thoughts of pulling out the arrows from my back just in one morning. Cryptic, yes – I’ll tell you more when the time is right.


One thought on “Embracing the Internet.

  1. bubbles says:

    Haha.. I overheard a conversation last night that went:

    “I used to play the keyboard.”

    “Really. The QWERTY you mean?”


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