2 days to 2010!

As 2009 comes to an end, I live in anticipation, trepidation and fear for 2010.

2010 will make or break me, that I am pretty certain. Let’s pray for the former, shall we.

I’m starting to appreciate the breaks that I have after work hours, especially after a full long day today. It just makes sitting at Starbucks eating that piece of apple crumble cake so much more enjoyable. Not that I’ve never enjoyed the cake, but I feel as though I deserved it (even though I don’t, physically).

Waiting around for dinner with the Yunnan peeps at Boat Quay later. Suspect I’m going to be terribly tired after that, and I’m self doubting my crazy plan for tomorrow, despite my original confidence (and largely because every single person I told said it won’t be accurate).

What the heck. We’ll see. I can sleep in for the next 3 days. Okay, maybe not Saturday – but we’ll survive.  Budak Pantai’s CD is going through my head now and I’m bobbing my head excitedly up and down. How amusing to people around me. Hurhur. My (not so ex) students saw me seated at this small little corner and one of them was extremely excited – even more when she realised I was going back. That felt rather sweet.

A little disappointed when I realised this afternoon that I will probably not get the chance to watch Bodyguards and Assasins because we couldn’t find an appropriate timing on New Year’s eve. Hums. There goes my chance of watching Donnie Yen do his kungfu stuff on the big screen. And watch blood splattering all over the big screen. Bah.

Just booked tickets for the Bubs’ performance at The Arts House on 17th Jan (Sunday) – thanks to Anson’s heads up! I am super looking forward to watching the Bubs perform in person, right in front of me! I’ll convince them to serenade Ling with Sweet Caroline. Hiaks.

Am really feeling pretty drained and tired. And sleeepy. Am in no mood to look back at 2009 because 2010 commands way more attention than 2009 at this current pressing moment. Or perhaps, I’m just suffering from information overload.


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