For once

I am taking a breather, seated at Starbucks @ Raffles City, drinking my iced mocha and surfing the net randomly – something that I do nowadays in the wee hours of the morning when I wake (bad habit of mine, I know) and for about half hour when I get home (that is, if I don’t flop onto the bed first).

And I spy a fellow colleague marking at the table directly in front of me. Reminds me of the stack of worksheets I have stashed inside my recycling bag that I carry around with me everywhere nowadays. She appears to be marking tests, which is rather odd considering it is only Week 5. But hey – we’re almost halfway through Term 1! The sheer thought of that is scary – I’ve made it through almost 5 weeks of work! That is half of Practicum, 0.5 terms gone.

Time flies when you’re constantly kept on your toes and busy every single minute of the day. That was what I signed up for. (:

On a tech note – my Nexus One is somewhere in transit and will probably reach my hands by the end of this week! The boyfriend is jealous and I think he seriously is contemplating stealing my phone if he gets the chance to. I really cannot wait for the phone to come, because I’ve been drooling over the phone ever since its launch (that was 5 weeks ago!) and I think a month of contemplation has served me well enough to make the right decision.

I really cannot wait! Google left me on tenterhooks when I purchased it online on Sunday night, and there was no updates from them until this morning. All through this while, others online were purchasing and their phones were shipped right off the bat – so I was wondering if Google had misplaced my order (somehow). Then, after coming back from breakfast with friend today, I refreshed the Google phone tracking status page (I refresh it every 5 minutes if I am in front of the computer) and then I saw more updates than what I’ve been seeing for the last 2 days. I was inwardly screaming because I was at my cubicle, and then I tried to get the boyf on the phone, to no avail.

In the end, I contented myself with sitting there, grinning like a Chersire cat to myself. The mere updates, lifted up my headache-y irritating morning. I really don’t like the weather these few days you know – too hot and humid, perfect recipe for dull headaches that will not go away for a long while. The day then continued to look up with classes, and a surprise visit from some students who came to seek guidance. (:

As much as I might gripe about being busy, I think I really love what I am doing, and I think this has been something I haven’t dared admit to self for a while. Having said that, it has been only five weeks and there’s still a long way to go – we’ll see.

I’ve been missing out on friends so much, I feel so terrible about it. Like how I didn’t know SY is now based in JE, and probably other things that I’ve been missing out on others’ as well. If Brandon is reading this, so sorry that my Christmas present is still with you. Soooo sorry. However, if you have the time and would like to visit me at Woodlands, that would be really nice. Hurhur.

I should really get on with my lesson plan for next week, and marking so that I can enjoy the weekend coming up – just perhaps, for the slightest chance possible that I will only need to do marking this weekend. Just perhaps. I don’t crave for free days now, it’s almost and virtually impossible. I just wish for free days to do marking. (:


2 thoughts on “For once

  1. hui ru says:

    omg it’s 529usd else i might be tempted to get it too it does look damn chio. lemme play with it!! although i prob will get the motorola dext, hero seems to lose to it slightly on most of the tech specs.

    • na says:

      Well after everything its slightly less than 900sgd, and I’m using my LDS to shave off almost half that amount, so it’s all good for me I guess.

      Let you play when I next see you! provided of course, the phone comes first teehee.

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