Should have been…

doing work on a Thursday morning, 1130 hours.

Instead, I find myself idling around, surfing the net, reading articles online and spewing my drink over Techcrunch’s idea of April Fools – Google goes nuclear. It was a ” er ha ha” moment after reading a mere three sentences of the first paragraph. The title didn’t help in convincing me that Google wants to take over the world, literally. I know they have somewhat conquered the virtual world though.

I could have been doing work, instead of idling around. I have the whole day free in school today and yet I can’t bring myself to do work. Early this morning, I vaguely seem to remember telling myself today is shutdown day – not good. The only thing I’ve done thus far is to submit my exam papers for vetting, and attend a meeting, and do the rain dance for the afternoon. Of course, and look forward to tonight with Tok for Liao Zhai Rocks. :D

It has been a while since I met friends and I was lucky enough to be able to meet Shuz for dinner yesterday at JP even though the thoughts of revising my papers in time for today were lurking at the back of my mind. As a result, I slept at 1 because I only started revising my papers close to midnight, and talked to my sister for half hour about random things under the sun.

I need my sanity, so I find myself digging into scarce pockets of time for myself, and occasionally friends. I admitted to Shuz (and she agrees) that we can’t give all our time to everyone in the world but us. The world is not built for self sacrifice – we need to be selfish and keep ourselves sane in order to give ourselves to the others. At the same time she kept saying how thankful she was in her current job, not to be working her ass off like what I am currently doing now. Sigh.

Having said all that, I am enjoying myself, but I do falter at times and I’m truly thankful for the presence of the boyfriend, who holds me down and tight when I need him the most. (: I can feel the tears welling up, but I hold it in.

Listening to Glee in one ear and keeping my ears peeled for anything that requires my attention. I’m warbling away here, but it has been a while since I’ve sat down and think about what I’m typing. A lot of the current entries don’t quite make sense because I write them on my Nexus when I’m on the bus or in bed. Most of those times my brain is in hibernation mode, such that it doesn’t function at all. That happens when you work round the clock and can barely find time to sleep.

I have realised 3 months of school has made me rely on just 4 – 5 hours of sleep, and honestly it is not that bad. I might feel the effects only in June, when I get a proper break (I hope!) but for now I’m doing the “sleep at 12ish and wake up at 5ish” to take the public transport. If I get to sleep before 11, it’s a luxury.

And if I want to have more luxurious nights, I should get back to work. Gah.


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