Better week ahead

I hope.

For once in a long while, I’ve finished preparing for the lessons ahead in this week at an earthly time – meaning, no 2am nights, and battling with lesson notes that might look incomprehensible when I wake the next morning! Having said that, I had better make better use of the time during the week so that I can actually have a good rest over the weekend.

I did absolutely nothing on Friday and Saturday – long weekend means I should at least deserve that tiny bit of rest.

Friday was fun, because the extended paternal side had a lunch gathering and the cousins brought their partners along. BX was there for the second time and I’m glad that they love him, and that he finds them just fine. (: At least there were more partners to take the attention and heat off him. Hurhur. Had a wonderful afternoon snooze all thanks to the heavy lunch, and rain, and he came back to my place for movie night. (: Managed to catch a really good movie and it was nice to just stay in, snuggle and let the brain stray off work.

Saturday was packed (as usual), but soooo enjoyable. Met Dilys in the morning, but managed to grab a cuppa coffee from Starbucks before that. Rushed home for lunch before getting ready to go out again with the boy for Clash of the Titans (a paltry 3 out of 5 stars), and then some wandering around at Ion Orchard before making our way down to Sheraton Towers for Waihon & Shihui’s wedding dinner. Met a number of SMU acquaintances by recognising their face but only acknowledging one. They put me at a SMU table, but I reckon there were at least 4 SMU tables, including invited professors. (!!!!)

It amuses me to no end that we always end up discussing theoretical wedding scenes when we go for wedding dinners. By now, I’m dead certain on one thing though – I’ll engage Budak to do a 5 song performance halfway during dinner and I will stop serving food to make everyone sit up and listen to them.

Hiaks. They recently did Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance in a local music awards ceremony that my sister enlightened me to at 1am in the morning (on Friday, I think).

Not forgetting, Thursday night was mad fun too! Met Tok for Liao Zhai Rocks and it was really goood! The catching up, the shared joy and enjoyment in watching a musical that we both thoroughly enjoyed, listening to Joanna Dong belt out powerful songs. Oh, the joy. AND the pleasure of downloading 29 free kindle books from Amazon this weekend – oh god my Kindle just loves HarperCollins for their mad free books bonanza! I hope there’s more to come. (:

This long weekend break really did me a lot of good. (: Yayyy! And I’m meeting Peanut for dinner tomorrow! Now, I just need to remind self to mark, and continue to try and stay ahead of the workload and schedule.


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    i like.

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