Lazy Saturday morning

and I’m back at work, in the work place.

It has been becoming a norm, but I didn’t quite had a choice. Students are stretched so thinly during school days, the Saturday is the best time (or rather, remaining amount of time) we have to sit down and go through materials urgently required.

Not that I mind it that much – BX drove me down and we had breakfast together – yummilicious McGriddles, and I carted a 12-can Coke to school. Labelled two cans with my big name and dumped it in the fridge – waiting for a day I need the Coke desperately to make self feel less stressed in school, what with mid year exams coming up.

Can’t wait to get home and have a nap later – something new this year. I’ve never quite have had the luxury of time to take a weekend afternoon nap, and I think I will do it later. Or, I could just snuggle in bed and read my ebooks on my beloved Kindle. (:

Looking forward to this evening’s picnic with bx at West Coast! (:


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