Little comforts

in the middle of the week (almost, its end of Tuesday!). Me likey.

Got lucky and managed to hitch a ride to Yew Tee in the heavy downpour – continued to take a train down to Jurong Point while waiting for the boyfriend to have dinner in celebration of our 14th month. It has been a while, hasn’t it?

Feeling blessed today.

There is just something so rejuvenating about sitting at a Starbucks outlet, sipping on coffee (or in this case, a new creation frappe) and blogging aimlessly on my little space. Of course, the original intent was to work on my lesson materials for next week but as I look at the little things I have on the table (expresso & cream chip frappe, Nexus One, Kindle and laptop, with the notes on the bag a level lower) – we get the priority of each item, don’t we?

The Kindle is nested on my lap, midway through a book, while the Nexus is perched comfortable next to my left hand, awaiting the phone call or text I wish would come sooner, the cursor moving on WordPress’s space instead of a working document – we know where my priorities lie after I leave school and look forward to a nice dinner in the evening.

Of course I have been hardworking and keeping self on track – I try my best, really.

The Kindle, the Starbucks and the Internet are comfort items that I can’t afford to lose now. I used to say, curl up with a cuppa Starbucks and a book – it’s enough to make my day. I’d change it now to curling up with a cuppa Starbucks and my Kindle makes my day. Of course, the ears are permanently glued to my earphones – they are a necessity, no longer a luxury. Earth Wind Fire just makes the day better, especially long ones.

People watching on the side, pretending to do work when the brain has shut down – it speaks volumes of my weekday nights.

Can’t wait for the end of tomorrow – then I can really concentrate on getting the materials out for the coming week, and more spurts of marking. I have really been marking conscientiously – I returned a class test this morning, when they barely sat for it yesterday! I need to improve on my turnaround time, so that I can have a repeat of last weekend in this coming weekend.

Before the nightmare comes in three weeks. Three damn weeks.

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