Nice quiet Labour Day.

It has been a nice and quiet Saturday morning – woke up at 10am (a luxury that I seldom get) and making myself not do any work at all. It is, after all, Labour Day.

There is still marking to be done, but since we are having a Marking Party on Monday (which is actually a school holiday, so long weekend ftw!), I’ve decided that I can afford to take one day off (today) and not do work. After all, exams only start on Tuesday – where the marking hell begins. I know most teachers are marking through this long weekend because examinations started this week for them. Apparently, my school prefers to have a shorter but more intensive examination period.

Though after that, comes sunshine. It’s really nice to see the numbers on the counter drops. My iGoogle page loads up every time I switch on my computer and the counter is counting down to the June holidays, where I can afford to run a little slower, smell the roses along the way and look for people to catch up with.


Yesterday was fun though, going out with colleagues for the first time. Having lunch as a large group outside school, going to sing at Party World after that, it was really really fun. (: Too bad some of us had to give dinner and the activities after a miss because I was already going to watch Animal Farm with a NIE friend, who gulped her fish down in 5 minutes flat because she arrived at 8. We made a mad rush for the closing doors and managed to get ourselves seated right before the doors closed and the production started.

From Wild Rice's website

We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and we felt that it was apt for it not to have an intermission, because it would have simply messed up the entire flow. It started off a little flow, but you get caught up with the perfect acting, especially the animal noises and their body language they express as each individual animal. The acting was flawless and it was a wonderful production, especially with the star studded cast. Though after so many years of following local productions, you start to see the familiar faces that show up everywhere at almost any production. Of course, it helps that Wild Rice is our strongest local theatre production house that does annual quality shows.

The night ended when we realised that both of us were yawning like mad after a quick drink and catch up session at the Macdonald’s next door.

Quick tip for the day: If you want a taxi right before midnight, do not go to Raffles City Shopping Centre. Just wait near any nearby club that is overcrowded with youngsters living up the Friday night, you would board one in less than five minutes flat. I shall do that next time, instead of stupidly joining the queue at Raffles City, and end up calling for a taxi.


2 thoughts on “Nice quiet Labour Day.

  1. hui ru says:

    what marking party i thought youre meeting me

    • na says:

      Yeaps for lunch I know. My marking party is 3pm at Bukit Panjang – we are gathering to mark together. Want to join us and mark together?

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