Shit tired.

For once I left my laptop in school and went home with one bag – a bag that contained 40 scripts that had to be remarked which I did not manage to get it done because …

I am shit tired.

Speaking of work,

This took a life of its own.

Miss the NIE people thoroughly. In case you can’t really tell, there is a pathetic attempt to mask the people and the identity. If only you could see the entire thread of conversation – it went on forever. Having said that, a bulk of my EL people were tagged, and we know EL teachers tend to like to talk quite a fair bit, you see. Of course, you should be my friend on Facebook already, so if you’re too bored and would like to be amused, do head over to my profile page.

Though, iGoogle is counting down for me, every day.

12 more working days!


On an entirely different note, I am getting tempted by a pair of customs, and this time I am dead serious. The last time I had an audio upgrade was last September, when I bought my current rig. Some might argue that I have had a recent one, when I bought my new speakers, which is somewhat true. I am so inclined towards the JH customs, AGAIN.

Damn. But I’m also tempted by a camera, and possibly a new PC. That train of thought came to me when I was a little frustrated with the laggyness of my computer this evening – which I then realised that I had not ccleaned my PC for a really long time. Now it’s almost as good as new. Almost. This PC of mine is about 4 years old and it is still going strong and steady. (:

So, customs first. Pet love of mine anyways. I’ll continue to ponder about it, like how I pondered about it almost a year ago. Almost.


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