Quick updates.

Glee Volume 3: newmusicreviews.net

Pre-ordered this.
10 more working days, 14 more days.
Shoulders are aching, want a massage desperately.
Working like a mad horse, craving for brunch.
Happy birthday to Peanut,
it’s her birthday today!
Want to rest, 10 more comprehensions to go.
And one marker’s report. plus 4 more students remarks.
School ends at 330 tomorrow, can’t wait to try Wendy’s.
And snuggle with the boyfriend.

I’m out.


2 thoughts on “Quick updates.

  1. hui ru says:

    i’ve got one more class of remarks to do. the whole level of tests to mark.. or be in charge of marking (subtle difference there)

    sneezing like hell.
    and i’ve got too many things on my plate. =(

  2. bubblised says:


    I’m so tempted to take the day off next monday and just SLEEP.

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