• Woke up at 11, to the desperate buzzing of my phone as my mum was trying to reach me to check if I wanted lunch. To her horror, I was still asleep, in bed.
  • Had lunch and watched Survivor at the same time. This season’s Survivor is at its best, damnit!
  • Decided to set off on a small adventure and looked for OUAM, Tanjong Pagar and had its Peanut Butter Milkshake. Sinful goodness.

OUAM's Nutty Peanut Butter on the right. Picture from, as I forgot to take my own.

  • Met the boyfriend at Vivocity, where we sat at Starbucks for abit, and we collected our tickets for Iron Man 2 in the evening. Forgot who I watched Ironman with. Hmms.
  • Had a nice stroll in Page One where I ogled at really pretty passport covers, and slurped after delicious Moleskin journals.
  • Dinner at Shin Kuriya, shiokness.

Shin Kuriya, picture courtesy of Nexus! Loves my Nexus pictures.

  • Took a nice evening stroll on the rooftop of Vivocity with plenty others.
  • Finally settled in to watch Iron Man 2, which was comparatively meh, as compared to our previous two movies – Ip Man 2 and Kick-Ass.

Iron Man 2 Trailer

Ip Man 2 Trailer

Kick Ass Trailer – featuring Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl

  • My order of favourites: Ip Man 2, Kick Ass, Iron Man 2. Boyfriend’s order of favourites: Ip Man 2, Iron Man 2, Kick Ass.
  • I am biased – I think Donnie Yen is cute, and I loved Chloë Grace Moretz. That foul-mouthed ninja girl she played as Mindy, was awesome.
  • Even though I woke up at 11 this morning, I’m already sleepy and I think I shall call it a night. (:
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2 thoughts on “Today.

  1. blackwatertown says:

    Good trailers. I am hooked.

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