The head is pounding like mad. It started pounding when I was marking in school and it continued to pound all the way into the afternoon, into the evening and probably into the night.

I felt so snappish when I went for supplementary lessons just now, I just wanted to bite. Would have been easily provoked today during lessons, but I bit my tongue. The tongue was a little loose when I dissed some by commenting that putting in effort outside class, but none during lessons do not do students any good and it riled some up. Not that it matters, that one is a lost cause already.

I could have snapped at people in class because the class was really uncooperative. Ventilated to colleague when we left the classrooms, so thankful for the existence of nice colleagues around.

Some good friends are coming back to the school, and we rejoice – more geeks to talk tech with, more people to commiserate with.

Countdown says: 7 more working days, 9 more days to the school holidays.

Another day in the June holidays has been taken up by the school, yet I see colleagues flying off in the first week of holidays. Damn.

I’m tired and I just took medication for the insane pounding headache. I still have scripts to mark but tomorrow is the deadline. Dumdumdum.

I think I'll be dead when I cross the line.


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