You know, I just had the sudden relevation that I never truly appreciated massages right up till today.

Today, my shoulders were getting the better of me. School was hectic and I was stretched to the max for the whole of today. When I was going home on the bus today, all I could think of was to knead those damn knots out of my shoulder/neck muscles that had developed since the marking period.

When I got off the bus, I had the sudden urge for a massage. So I did. I went to the neighbourhood’s traditional Javanese massage parlour for a 30 minute shoulder and neck massage. Boy, it was GLORIOUS. I could feel my masseuse kneading those damn knots out, she was just hitting the exact spots that I wanted to hit.

Damnit, it felt like forever.

Am contemplating taking up lifetime membership – I really might start hitting massage parlours on a frequent basis, especially during such periods.

My shoulders/neck feels so good right now. (:


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