Holidays: Day 18-21

Baaaaack from Krabi, yesterday!

Missed me much? :P

4 days 3 nights passed in such a flash, we were having such a great time! To be waited on hands and feet and pampered like princes and princesses, to eat like kings and queens, and to enjoy such peace and serenity (there are way too many “and”s in this sentence) – it was a pleasure and joy to stay at Amari Vogue Krabi.

Amari Vogue Krabi is such a well kept secret, there were barely any Singaporeans around – in fact there was barely anyone around! Most of the guests were non Asians and since it was the low season in Krabi, there were only about 40 guests staying in the resort. That made things very pleasant for us because I wanted to avoid crowds (and hence insisted on staying in an inconvenient location), and there was no need to fight for daybeds at the pool and by the beach!

The scenery at Amari Vogue was amazing. There was a private beach, coupled with day beds on the beach! We actually spent one entire afternoon lazing on the beach, without having to lug everything! I realised my dream of reading my Kindle on a beach for an extended period of time (I think I took 2 hours to finish that book), and I even took a short nap. BX slept his entire afternoon away on the beach. There was no need for iPods or music – the gentle sounds of the waves lapping at the beach was music to my ears. We even ordered sandwiches from the resort and they sent it right to our daybeds, together with iced water, and we ate right on the beach!

Lazing on the beach, complete with daybeds.

The whole resort was very tastefully designed, with the right balance of contemporary and Thai infused structures. You could virtually capture wonderful pictures from almost every angle. Their daybeds and pools all point in one general direction – the wonderful beach where you can watch the sunset (we missed it actually, because we had to arrange our massage that evening).

Overview of the resort, of pools looking out to the sea.

You could literally swim to the edge in front and have an unobstructed view of the sea, and the majestic islands out there. They even had jacuzzi day beds – how cool is that!

Jacuzzi daybeds in the middle of the picture!

Our room was perfect! It was huge, nicely designed with the smallest details noticed. They left fresh flowers on our pillows every day, and daily desserts in our room (we only liked 1 out of the 3 though – A+ for effort!). The bathroom was wonderful – there was even a panel which you can open and see the bedroom (ooh kinky?), and you can watch television from your bathtub. Imagine, soaking in a hot bath and watching tv at the same time!

The staff of Amari were really pleasant and polite. They knew exactly which room we were staying, they made the efforts to remember well our likes e.g. our usual seats at breakfast, our usual drinks (coffee or tea) and they make it a point to cater to our every whim and needs. I really really admire such service, and won’t mind paying for such service. I really felt so pampered by the staff at Amari, and was really delighted to see the management make an effort to chat with their guests and make sure they are comfortable. Great job, the Amari Vogue team! :D

The food was delicious as well, and we had the luxury of having Italian food at the Bellini restaurant which is right on the beach itself and Simon, the general manager, actually sent me the pdf versions of the menus in advance after I requested by sending him an email (just to make sure we could budget for the meals hurhur). The food was really good, coupled with great service and wonderful scenery – you’d have to pay through your nose (and ears) to get that on Sentosa, seriously. We fed the koi fish swimming all around, and the staff prepares fish food for you too. They have it ready in packets, all you need to do is to ask.

Greedy koi fish.

We were rather unlucky. Out of our 4 days, it rained 3 mornings and our day trip to PhiPhi island was cancelled. However, the resort had DVDs we could borrow (FOC!) and we watched two movies in the morning, snuggled in our big comfortable bed. We only left the bed because we had to get lunch (at Lotus restaurant). However, on the fine day that we went to Hong Islands – we had a wonderful time feeding fishes that ate bread greedily and swam up to us in search for bread, and the scenery was breathtaking. It was slightly marred when we saw some foreigners smoking on the beach, but that’s just my take on smokers in general.

Hong Island

We spent two evenings at Ao Nang beach, the first exploring and waiting for the sunset, the second wandering the streets and catching an exciting Argentina-Korea World Cup match at our bbq dinner place. So relaxed, so fun. :) The sunset was phenomenally beautiful, and BX insisted on waiting till the very end when the clouds were lit purple and the skies were made that much more beautiful.

We realised, the key to a really relaxing beach holiday is to get a really good beach resort and Amari Vogue has successfully done that. In fact, they’ve made such a lasting impression on me, I’m actually thinking of making Krabi a yearly affair and explore it entirely (and of course stay in Amari Vogue all the time!). There’s still plenty nature hikes and trails that we missed out this time round, plus all the islands we didn’t get to visit. We really almost could not tear ourselves away.

Am already planning my return to Krabi – soon.

Till then, I’ll look at the pictures and remember of the good relaxing times we had in Krabi. :)

All pictures used, were taken by BX and his trusty old Sony A300, with his Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 lens. Beautiful, ain’t it?

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5 thoughts on “Holidays: Day 18-21

  1. hui ru says:

    you tempt me. AFTER i get my kindle.

    • na says:

      After you get it, we can go there and chill and read Kindles by the beach, sipping on cocktails and enjoying the sea breeze!

      You get the idea. :D

  2. Simon Dell says:

    Wow, that’s the best blog I’ve ever read about us!! Thanks so much and I am so pleased you enjoyed yourselves. Get in touch with me directly for your next booking.

    GM at Amari Vogue

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