Perfect weekend.

Wonderful weekend!

  • Da Paolo’s Pizza Bar at Chip Bee – lovely pizza, and we finally found where Chip Bee gardens was!
  • Daily Scoop’s waffles is the best I’ve ever tried so far – light and crispy. Couple that together with the really nice icecream from Daily Scoop – it made for a nice end to the first working week.
  • Mad rush for TCC’s 2 for 1 last evening, and had interesting service from the service staff at TCC Funan. Nopes we didn’t go tech shopping, the boyf just wanted to buy camera related purchases from Cathay Photo at Peninsular Plaza.
  • Mad binging on 20 pieces Macs nuggets and 2 large fries with sister and the boyf as we watched the slightly laggy Argentina-Germany match. They forced me to support Germany (as they were mad supporters of Argentina). By the end of it, I had the last laugh. Hurhur.
  • Napped for abit before waking up for the Paraguay-Spain match – the first half put me to sleep, and I woke up in time to watch the epic Paraguay-missed-penalty, Spain-scored-but-not-counted-penalty, and then Spain-missed-penalty bit. The remaining parts were actually exciting enough to last me till the end.
  • Woke up late today and basically stayed in bed the entire day reading and making up for lost sleep last night.
  • The boyf took me out to Bukit Batok Nature Park for a walk (reminder to self – never go for a walk in slippers) and then we ended up at Rail Mall for dinner where we had pretty good mains at Epicurious (he tried the famous Epicurious burger and I had delicious mac&cheese!), and I insisted on taking away Galbiati’s tiramisu since we were already there. Was very tempted by home made pasta from Galbiati – next time perhaps!

And I still have one extra day of long weekend tomorrow. Time to do work!

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