Quietly blissful.

Words can’t simply describe how I’m feeling now.

Quiet. Blissful. Watching people pass you by.

Little kids skipping and hopping, ahead of parents pushing trams with babies popping their curious heads outside to peer at the strange world go by them. Boys flirting with girls flirting back, ignorant of the busyness of people rushing by. Strangers seated nearby watching their restaurant grow as they wait for the world to go by them. Young adults, working adults with their noses in their smartphones, busy texting or browsing the web. Fellow cafe goers munching on nibbles while waiting for dinner.

Sitting there watching the world go by, without having to worry about work – because the important urgent ones have been completed.

As I stepped into Raffles City Shopping Centre just now and checked in on Foursquare, I took a deep breathe in my surroundings and took everything in. It felt strange, it felt strangely free. I sat at my table for a good fifteen minutes, watching the people go by while plugged into my iPod with random music playing into my head. The thought of work stays quietly at the back of the mind, as I watched young couples hold hands and stroll in the direction of the Esplanade, groups of NS boys gather and grab oily grub from MacDonalds, loving elderly share a McCafe drink and pour two full sachets of sugar eagerly into their single cup of coffee, friends crowd in giggly groups with laptops and school bags in hand, discussing their next venue or dinner place.

I realise, I’ve got the front seat to watching Life, and I’m leading Life too. A blissful, happy one – one that I occasionally get too caught up in and fail to appreciate the beauty of it.

It took me by surprise this evening, and it took my breath away. (:


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