Oddly draining.

Surprisingly, this week did not feel as smooth as compared to the first two weeks. Had I had this week as my first week of school, I think I might have crumbled and fallen to bits and pieces. Nonetheless, onwards forwards!

Was feeling soooo tired after school despite a relatively short day (which wasn’t exactly that short), decided to cab down in search for my safe haven at Starbucks Plaza Sing – one of my favourite locations to sit and watch people.

But I have urgent work to be done! I need to mark mock exams – it’s the season for mock exams – and then soon, prelims and common tests will soon follow after. It doesn’t help that because of YOG, all the exams and common tests are pushed forward instead. In fact, the two weeks that run up to National Day will be the scariest of all – prelims and common tests will be happening concurrently and we’ll be forced to mark and mark like machines.

Not that I’m not marking like a machine already. Have got a set of papers to mark and be done by tomorrow, following that I’ve got another to clear by next Monday. Will be marking through the weekend I guess. More caffeine to sustain please!

Kinda miss printing my own notes and worksheets – standing at the machines and stoning while the papers get printed, somehow it gives me that small amount of time to stone and drift away, instead of sitting at my table wondering what work should I do next. Though I avoid that situation now by sending my notes in for print as early as possible. In fact, today was the first day in three weeks that I printed my own notes! Partly because one set totally slipped my mind and I thought I had it printed a long time ago. Turns out, I didn’t.

In case you don’t really, I’m blabbering like mad. I just need to ventilate, to vomit out all thoughts that are constantly whirling around in the head. Like constantly.

I just installed Android’s newest keyboard app, Swiftkey, and it is scarily predictive. Roo, you should give it a shot – it’s pretty fun! Though I still prefer Swype. Hurhur. Thank goodness I leapt onto the beta soon and early enough.

I don’t want to mark my mock examinations. I dread to see the results. The stress of handling graduating classes is killing me inside.

I need to learn and remember that it takes two hands to clap, and not just one hand. I really need to learn and remember.

I can’t wait for the weekend. I want to watch a movie and let the mind drift.

I want to curl up in my own little world and pretend that the world outside is just nothing but a facade. We might be doing Budak next Friday, if BX managed to book the tickets last night. Couldn’t stay up in time to book it – I really hope we get it. (:

Gosh this is such a random entry – but I feel the mother of a headache coming up. Someone up there, help me.


2 thoughts on “Oddly draining.

  1. hui ru says:

    erm. remember i’m still on 2.0?

  2. bubbles says:

    *strike* *strike* *strike* – 0

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