Haven’t, much.

Haven’t been blogging much.

Nothing much to say, no inspiration or whatsoever to speak of. Swamped with work, but only want to curl up in bed with Kindle and snuggle under the covers. Been really tired, took a day off on MC on Monday, only to come back with work with a crazy backlog, plus unmarked scripts.

I think I unofficially switched off work the minute I finished marking the mock examination papers. Boy, was that intensive. I need to switch back on soon, prelims and common tests are starting tomorrow.

Takes in a deep breath.

By the time I come out of the prelim/common test shithole – Term 3 will almost be over. That would also, coincidentally be the National Day long weekend thank goodness.

I really can’t wait for the long weekend to come, and the small cozy cookout I’d be hosting! (: I honestly cannot wait.

Takes in another deep breath. One more day and it’ll be the weekend.

Thinks of Budak Pantai, Art Museum, Food Festival and Inception (I can never get the name of the movie right!). Thinks of fluffy Floppies skipping past clouds and colourful rainbows across nice blue skies. Thinks of grey cloudy clouds that give me nice snuggly weather, and more Singapore floods.


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