Resisting Apple of my eye

Was reading the papers this morning, when I came across Fiona Chan’s column and laughed out loud at the following she wrote:

… “Which is why the owners of your sister, the iPhone 3GS, will all buy the iPhone 4 when it comes out – even if it drops calls, does not have any reception and is a complete failure as a mobile phone. As a gadget, the iPhone 4 still ticks all the boxes: It allows you to gush about it to other envious people who don’t have it yet. …”

She was referring to how she’d rather be a late adopter for the iPad that was just launched in Singapore on Friday. Having said that, Apple has recently been on a rampage to prove that the death grip affects all the other phones, which only they can simulate, and not us common masses.

Am faintly amused at how the tide has turned. Even Budak Pantai took a potshot at them during their performance on Friday evening. But I agree with what Fiona Chan mentioned in her column – no matter what Apple does, it will still have a diehard fanbase, all thanks to the powers of Jobs and his seduction.


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