1. I had my very first Starbucks bagel (cheese bagel), spread with luscious cream cheese.
  2. I attended a conference by myself for the first time.
  3. I finished setting a paper in one day (on top of going for conference yesterday!)!

Pretty darn proud of myself. I actually lost a blog entry yesterday, but it was more about “missing out on smelling the roses in my day to day life“. I always thought my favourite Starbucks outlet in Singapore was the Raffles City one where people are always coming and going, hence it is one of the best places to people watch. I think my favourite Starbucks is actually one that is quiet, has full length windows which I can stare out through, pretending I’m outside when I’m actually seated inside the cushy airconditioned outlet, watching the cars zoom by, watching the people walk by.

That is almost describing Starbucks at Suntec Convention, when it is not the Comex weekend.

Satisfied smile to self.

Yesterday was a very productive day, going to conference and setting my papers. I amazed myself at the tenacity at which I set my papers – efficient with a little pondering, and some distractions, but getting it done slightly before midngiht. I amazed myself when I found out that I really liked going for conferences and listening to fellow educators share their pedagogies and strategies inside and outside classroom. The efficient productivity and the things I learnt, made me feel really good about myself.

It really made me feel pretty damn good.

Day 2 of the September holidays. I’ve got to decide which day I am going back to school, Wednesday or Thursday so that I can send worksheets in for print (which I have not prepared yet!). Breathe. There’s tons to do over this week but things have to be done so that the remaining teaching weeks (3 weeks yay!) will fly by, and then we will settle down with examinations and other what nots.

If only Life can be like this, every day – meaningful, productive and self happy. (:


One thought on “FIRSTs.

  1. bubbles says:

    And it’s the september hols already! =)

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