Casual relaxing weekend.

The weekend has been a wonderfully lazy and sinful one so far.

Tampopo & Brewerkz drinks on Friday night, with a casual stroll through Clarke Quay amidst the fountains and a lazy busride home.

A simple Saturday lunch at a nearby hawker centre, strolling through the neighbourhood shops reeking of nostalgia and having dreams of living somewhere near in the future.

A relaxing no-hurry busride down to town, grabbing coffees right before we started window shopping through the heart of Orchard and getting terribly lost in Ion, and perhaps Uniqlo. Stopped at kikki.K and salivated over 2011 diaries, spotted one crazily adorable one and thought of Peanut. Peanut, have you bought your moleskin for 2011?? Was/am very tempted to buy half the store, bring half of it to work, and leave half of it at home.

Supposed simple dinner fare at Coffee club at Ngee Ann City, but I barely finished half of mine because the beef daube was too tough. Saved my stomach/calories for crazily sinful harcheongkai (the best I must add) with drinks at No 5 Emerald Hill after a day of shopping. Not to mention, spending quite a fair sum on a top from Zara, a necklace and a casual grey cotton dress from Springfield, a pair of jeans and a watch from Levis.

Loves my new jeans by the way. It’s from the Levis curve jeans range, and oddly, it’s proving to be controversial over in the states. Have a read, if you have the time.

Looking towards to lazy Sunday brunch at Epicurious (Rail Mall) tomorrow, plus a full day of gaming on Civ 5! Sweet.

By the way, the word “lazy” is overused here, I admit sheepishly.


13 thoughts on “Casual relaxing weekend.

  1. hui ru says:

    i want the levi’s too. a bit afraid sg doesn’t stock my size though. normally asian stores only have the smaller sizes. and i think the americans are being oversensitive..

    • na says:

      The Levis were really good, soft and comfortable. I got myself the slightly curve, though I’m more suited for the demi curve, cuz they didn’t have the demi curve in my size and colour. Maybe I might get the demi curve straight cut in the months to come.

      If you’re getting, let me know! I got the VIP pass, 10% discount usually, 20% discount in my birthday month! :D That was how I got my free watch, by buying the VIP card.

  2. bubbles says:


    but i already have my moleskinnnn. hums.

  3. hui ru says:

    hmmm okay i might actually be able to find size then. if i lose another 6 kg by your birthday i DEFINITELY will be able to find size.

  4. Ammerline Lam says:

    babe! is there 15% off there? Cos there is 15% off kikki.k in tampines the last time i check. let me know if u want it soon. I’ll help u check/ buy first

  5. Ammerline Lam says:

    haha i bought it! i am like totally cmi when it comes to discounts… grrr

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