Recent days.

Emotions have been on a whirlwind, and dust has settled – temporarily.

I am really really thankful for the people around me in my life, people who may have entered my life recently like my colleagues, and people who have been around for a really long time. I am so thankful.

Without these people, I think I might have flipped out yesterday. It was them, who helped to put perspective into place, and cleared the fog in my head. Gosh I was so confused, and so upset yesterday. Was really touched by a colleague, who went out of his way to share certain things that I never knew he went through, and would have shared with any one of us.

So thankful for the angels in my life.

Once tomorrow morning is over, I finally have my papers to mark, and reality of the results will set in. I keep wondering if I’ve done enough, but the truth is – they are the ones who have to perform for themselves, not me. I’m just here to guide them along.

On to more positive thoughts (think happy!) – today is the 20th month bx and I have been together! Yipeee! :) So we’re meeting at HV for dinner at Everything with Fries, and the huge recommendation from a friend was the Nutella tart. Yums! Can’t wait.

As things wind down for the year, I am actually quite excited at the end of the year and the promise of things to come. Soon it will be time for self reflection, and hopefully things will turn out for the better next year, with new portfolios, new tasks, many graduating classes and a heavier workload.

Beginning teacher no more! (thinks for 30 seconds) Gulps.


One thought on “Recent days.

  1. hui ru says:

    nutella tart!

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