It has been a while..

yes, again.

I realised when I’m at work, I seldom have the brain power to sit myself down and blog, to let random thoughts flow and come to my fingertips. It has been a really long time since I allowed myself to do something random.

However, I broke the duck today.

I actually went to queue for bubble tea for a good one hour at Koi Clementi – after my invigilations in the afternoon. OMG what was I thinking?

I was actually craving bubble tea and since I was on the train westwards from Sembawang, I figured, “Why not try Koi at Clementi? It is just one stop away from Jurong East anyways.” So off I went, dropped at Clementi and found Koi at Blk 442, thanks to the goodness of Google Maps on my Nexus One (Psst did you hear, a Nexus Two might be coming out this Christmas, featuring Gingerbread! OMG I want!).

My jaw dropped when I saw the really really long queue at Koi. I’m usually extremely averse to queues (unless it concerns really good food) but today I just jumped right in for the long haul. Really couldn’t quite believe myself. So I waited, and waited and waited. From the start of all that queueing right till I got my drink – it took slightly more than an hour. To make things all more ludicrous, I took my first sip of the simple Koi milk tea and it tasted meh. Dang!

My sister promised to bring me to Gong Cha next time.

In the meantime, I’m really happy for the break that is coming up and I can’t wait to rest, relax, recharge! And I want to be random, like really random – maybe say taking a bus ride to nowhere. We’ll see.

I will pamper myself in the days to come – slowly unwinding until school is officially out for teachers.

In the meantime, school is officially out (for students)!

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