Tim Burton.

I’ve always been a fan of Tim Burton‘s dark and quirky humour, with particularly his movies like Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride and the last I’ve dragged TF to watch with me, Sweeney Todd. Alice in Wonderland was his usual style of portrayal, but not his usual storyline like Sweeney Todd and Edward Scissorhands.

Edward Scissorhands

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Burton’s morbid humour has always been much charming, less intimidating. It may not sit very well for some, but the quirkiness of it removes that morbidity for me and turns his work into charming little (for some, at least) ones.

So imagine my delight when I saw this in Woods in the Books at Ann Siang Hill, after a nice relaxing dinner (their buffalo wings were awesome!) at Jerry’s at Club Street, Ann Siang Hill as well!

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories

I squealed was really excited. I picked it up, flipped through it briefly, checked out the price and put it back. I also fell in love with Scotty, the mini maltese at the shop. He kept poking his head through the books to look at us and he licked my fingers! He was soo adorable!

Mini Maltese - small and adorable!

BX decided to pick up (wait for it) – the book and he bought it for me. Apparently, he claims that he can see that spark of want, yet that very same diminishing glimmer of hope in my eyes, as the book was way overpriced, and too whimisical to justify a buy for myself – so he decided to buy it and gift it to me. He said he can tell when I’ll buy it for myself (like the Syonanto book I saw in Books Actually just hours before), and when I won’t buy it even if I really wanted it.

It had happened once before, when I fell in love with my classic Pooh, also adorably known as Poohie now.

In any case, the book is lovely, and the poetry even more so. I read The Melancholy Death Of Oyster Boy to BX and Floppie just now, he swears Floppie will get nightmares tonight. In that case, Floppie gets the floor tonight.

Off to read some good poetry by Burton, and lights out. Had a really bad nightmare last night and I need to recoup the lost sleep.


2 thoughts on “Tim Burton.

  1. bubbles says:

    Did you have a bad nightmare? I had a weird dream on friday night too! Well weird enough to be seeing Venus, Angela and Eileen all in the same dream.

  2. na says:

    O.O That’s odd.

    My nightmare was badddd. We’ve put it to the reason that I had a new experience by walking down Serangoon Road on Friday night, what with dark alleys and other things. :|

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