to make the most of this holidays.

  1. I will not be (too) lazy.
  2. I will tidy up my room, my computer, my (physical & electronic) books and everything else I can think of, under the sun.
  3. I will be productive and get work done, while enjoy having the day off as well.
  4. I will seek out the good (lunch) eats and get myself off the bed (as much as I can).
  5. I will play computer games (provided my 5 year old PC allows it to run).
  6. I will move my butt more often and engage in (some) physical activities.
    (Note all the caveats in the brackets! Hurhur.)

I managed to get some work done tonight – sending out some emails and sorting out finances for a particular organisation. Turns out, there are missing payment vouchers, so as much as I would love to give them their monthly financial statements, I actually can’t get them done!

This means I have more time to watch my backlog of The Amazing Race.

I really didn’t do much today, all thanks to the flu and the sudden desire to tidy up my electronic library. Sad to say, I am only at H, out of the entire alphabet. I need to return my 武俠小説 too, not that I’ve finished them as well.

On a good note, I’ve finished my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (yes after watching the movie with Roo last Wednesday) – all in the work of one afternoon.


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