Activity of the day – Read.

Also known as, AOTD.

I couldn’t stop reading. And watching The Next Iron Chef Season 3.

Now all I can think of, are my reading goodies (thinks of the Time magazine, Fortune magazine and other readables on my bed) and food. Luscious luscious food. Chef Marc Forgione has made me crave so badly for classic American food, plus he is the new Iron Chef! His restaurant is a Michelin one star restaurant and the prices looked pretty reasonable! Plus I drooled at their brunch menu.

When I hit New York the next time, I am going to visit him, for sure. Plus he looks pretty cute, with his mohawk and all.

Credits to for the edgy chef's picture!

I need more food reality shows to last me till the return of Top Chef on Dec 1. It’s going to be the return of the favourite chefs, chefs who came so close but didn’t win in the end! After Top Chef Just Desserts ended its recent run, the only thing left is Hell’s Kitchen – where I watch incapable chef-wannabes bumble around in the kitchen and get yelled at by Gordon Ramsey. Compare that with skilled techniques from renowned chefs from USA – there’s really no comparison.

Plus I learnt something from watching The Next Iron Chef – pineapples are not meant to be cooked with meats, especially pork. The enzymes in the pineapple makes the meats mushy. So now, some food for thought for our chinese favourite dish – sweet sour pork when we usually see chunks of pineapple mixed together with the tangy sweet sourish sauce amidst our pork chunks. Hmmms. Maybe that is not the best combination after all!

See, I learn all sorts of random things while watching random tv!

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