As I was doing my last minute packing of electronics and entertainment for self, I realised that I have way less wires and charges than I had perhaps 4 years ago.

In the past, there would be the charger for my camera, my handphone (and perhaps other things which I can’t remember).

Today, I only have one charger – the micro USB charger that charges my handphone (Nexus One) and my Kindle. I’m using batteries for my Xiao Hei, so no wires for that.


Mini USB on the left, Micro USB on the right

All thanks to the standardization of the micro USB connection back in 2007, alot of gadgets are moving towards eliminating the mini USB connection, and adopting the Micro USB connection. In future, our chargers are likely to be one size fits all, and we’ll no longer have the problem of proprietary chargers from the various companies.

I’m really thankful that my Kindle and Nexus One uses the same charger! Less wires, less worries!

Alright, am probably going to leave the house within the next fifteen minutes. Am so excited, it’s feeling oddly muted.


One thought on “Micro.

  1. bubbles says:

    haha! i was still thinking why is there still a post when you’re about to leave already :)

    have fun in japan!!!

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