For the first time…

Esplanade had a major technical glitch and it affect tonight’s Cinderel-LAH. The backdrop wouldn’t lift, and as a result we had to use our imagination for the first half of the show. Ivan Heng was pretty embarrassed by the entire situation and could not stop apologising profusely.


For once (am not sure if it is the first time), drinks were on the house during intermission and the bar was mobbed on the first level. Managed to make my way to the bar counter, only to find everybody trying to catch the attention of the servers and the servers were crazily overwhelmed. Bottles were being popped non-stop and my request for 4 glasses of bubbly was satisfied by using one full bottle – all because they ran out of champagne flutes and had to use wine glasses instead.

Dear oh dear.

Apparently the technical team continued to try to fix the situation during the first half and it started working again in the second half after the intermission! Woots! Imagine the cheers that went up when the backdrops were being lifted for changes. Hurhur.

Cinderel-LAH was funny, the in-your-face kind. Quite cringe-worthy, because it was really pretty slapstick. I think I prefer Wild Rice with a little bit more grounding and less in-your-face humour. We figured they are trying to reach as many Singaporeans as possible, hence the crazy exaggeration and humour bits. For a night of fluffy laughter, it worked – but I’m not sure if I want future Wild Rice productions to be like this.


Am thinking of Emily of Emerald Hill next March though, and Rocky Horror next January. Any takers?

Some famous songs from Rocky Horror, a rock n roll musical:

Damnit Janet

Sweet Transvestite

And of course,  Glee recently did its own take on it:

Time Warp

Really quite keen on Rocky Horror but prices can be a little steep. For the full story on Rocky Horror – click here. The strongest selling point of Rocky Horror for me, is simply the music – it’s Rock n Roll baby! Makes me think of my all time favourite musical – Rent.

I should get to bed. Leaving everybody with my favourite track from Rent:

Seasons of Love

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3 thoughts on “For the first time…

  1. bubbles says:

    me? :(

    and i havn’t even watched potter yet. haha.. we’re going on the 19th!

    But I did catch Madame Butterfly at the Opera House! :D

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