One last week.

Work resumes next week, slow but steadily.

I haven’t played much last week, all thanks to the last minute surge to finish lesson materials and worksheets for the upcoming year. Hopefully I won’t be keeping 4 hour days next year, preparing materials so that the kids will be prepared enough for national examinations. Submitted them today and I’m determined to use the remaining week (the run up to Christmas) well by having fun, reorganising my room and hopefully preparing myself well enough for next year.

4 graduating classes – I will need to put in 100% effort, and hopefully still have time for self after that.

Dropped by Ikea and finally got myself a swivel chair with adjustable height – aching shoulders, begone! Tonight I’ll probably fix up my shelves, make space for magazine holders and pack up the gadget corner, wires and all. Hopefully I’ll be able to make space and tidy the messiness all around. Then I’ll put up my ickle and Lardee poster, with the postcards to border the picture!

Update at 9:56pm – too tired to clear stuff in room. Shall leave it for tomorrow morning. Should wake up earlier then.

Tomorrow I’ll make a trip to town in the afternoon, drop by Borders, chill at Starbucks, go for my appointment at Musee Centrepoint and then bum around. Shop perhaps, but shopping alone is no fun.

Feeling so tired and sleepy – only slept for 4 hours last night. Can’t believe I stayed up till 330am to finish the materials just so that I can leave them all in school today so that I don’t have to think about it for the remaining two weeks.



One thought on “One last week.

  1. hui ru says:

    i need to organise my stuff also. =| what’s the appointment about? and i slept twice as long as you did but it was such a restless and useless sleep omg. want to come with me to audition headphones on wed? 3pm @ cityhall..

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