7 more days.

Technically, not counting today, that’s 7 more days to the start of school in 2011. The first week of school is already a 4 day week, not too bad a start to the new year. And then, 4 more weeks to Chinese New Year.

Time will fly again in 2011. Time always flies when you’re busy and before you know it, the year would have passed you again.

Christmas this year was really nice, we watched a movie (Gullivers’ Travels – please leave your brain at the door!) and jostled with crowds at Orchard Road, before going home in heavy rain. Surprisingly there were less crowds as compared to the days running up to Christmas. I think I was perpetually in town for the most of last week.

Let’s see – I was in town on Tuesday for Musee, Wednesday for Musee and Joanna Dong, Thursday for Roo (and her headphones and mattresses) and Friday for our lomantic dinner at Pierside.

Food at Pierside was not bad, but I’d think their ala carte menu (which I chose over the Christmas special) was better. Prices were reasonable for alacarte, but the minimum 3 course rule brought the prices up. Would love to go back and order a simple meal. BX paid $12 for parking at One Fullerton that evening and he was cursing about the jam that ran from Vivocity in direction of town until I reminded him if he’d rather jostle with the human crowds on the same day. Point taken, he said.

Post Christmas was fun, where we met his best friend + wife for brunch at Spruce (yay Spruce again!) and went to shop for bicycles after that, unsuccessfully I must add. Went back to BX’s place for a whole afternoon’s Settlers of Catan, where I came close to winning once! Almost! But it was really fun. Had pizza in the evening, and settled down for a movie on the sofa.

As we can all tell, I’ve been playing alot for the last week and I was pretty determined to enjoy myself before work begin again this week. Have been doing alot of thinking this holidays as well, and I think I’m going to process it more before I put it out as a protected entry before the holidays end.

Today was pretty nice, though the crowds in town were back in full force. Met Brandon for lunch at Astons Suntec where I lost a side of my earphone tips and became pretty grouchy, especially after the substandard service Astons gave me while I was waiting in queue. Moved on to Marina Square and Plaza Sing where we he shopped around for earphones and speakers, while I was just on a hunt for my TF10 tips.

Thankfully I found my tips at Stereo and I bought two pairs of Shure tips. The Shure tips brought a new dimension to the music – bass sounded tighter and more pronounced, the highs of the guitar strumming in Queen’s music was also clearer. Perhaps, losing the old generic UE tips was a blessing in disguise.

In the meantime, am going to finish the book I bought last week and settle in for bed. It will be a day of working at home tomorrow! I hope I can get things done. Hmmms.

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